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What Will Grow

Jean Griffin
July 5–27, 2024

Opening July 5, from 6–9 pm, featuring live music from John Beauchamp and Trish Davis.

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What Will Grow?

Jean Griffin

McAlester, OK

GROW/gro/verb To Grow- for a living thing to undergo a natural development- increasing in size and changing physically toward maturity. 


As a Mixed Media Naturalist, I create work that explores the resilience of Nature.  Despite our onslaught of pesticides, herbicides, genetic tampering, and the killing of our soil and pollinators, nature will survive.  She will create new forms we have yet to see. Perhaps like the forms I imagine and create with various papers and acrylic paint, overlayed with mark making.  Nature was here before us; she will seek her own path to survival. 

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