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Susan Foust 

Susan Palmer Foust is a local Tulsa photographer who is originally from New York. Her professional career began with a series of photos taken while in a drive-through car wash. She had her first solo show at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center in Tulsa in 2013.

Her photos transform subjects from the “everyday” into new visions. Susan's goal is to try to use photography to renew people’s perceptions of the hidden beauty in their modern daily lives.

Her subjects begin with strong architectural, botanical and industrial works that are then morphed and saturated with color. Her art is on aluminum sheets which have a deep luminescence. 

As a member of Alpha Tau Rho, Tulsa Artist’s Coalition, Living Arts, and OVAC, Susan is firmly planted in Tulsa and has been active in studio and gallery exhibitions in the region.

BBA 1985 and MLIS 1996 from the University of Oklahoma


Tulsa Public Schools Librarian 1997-2021


OU Fulbright Fellow of Confucian Studies China/Korea 2007


Quartz Mountain Arts Institute Portraiture 2014, Cyanotypes 2016


Graduate of Art Inc. AHHA Center Cohort 2018, Funded by MAAA


Gallerium and Exhibizone Artist

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