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Michael Wright

Michael is a novelist, poet, playwright, photographer and experimental theatre deviser. Performance art pieces at TAC: 2015: Kinetic Stillness, A Dance/Movement Exploration; 2016: The Doors of Perception; 2017: Life in Clouds: Chaos, Coteries and Chairs, 2018: Face to Face to Face, included his B&W photography and “Emoji images that don’t currently exist”; 2019: In the Real of the Senses. His planned piece for 2020 was canceled due to Covid. He retired from The University of Tulsa in 2018, where he founded the Creative Writing program and developed extensive coursework in playwriting and screenwriting. Artist’s statement: my work is focused on making theatre in a nontheatrical space, with nonstandard seating arrangements, in order to challenge assumptions about the audience and performer relationship.

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