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The Tulsa Artists’ Coalition presents “Three,”  a selection of work from Shane Brown, RC Morrison & Ren Barger, and Colleen Stiles. The show will feature photography from Shane Brown and RC Morrison, and sculpture and paintings from Colleen Stiles. The public will have the opportunity to meet the artists at the opening reception on March 31st from 6 pm through 9 pm. This “pop up” show will be on exhibit for one weekend only. The opening is free and open to the public. The work will be on exhibit at TAC Gallery from March 31 – April 1.

Shane Brown

Shane Brown is a photographer and filmmaker documenting the present-day cultural landscape of the American West, experimenting with representations of time and motion, and working on a variety of film projects. Over the last two decades, Brown has pursued freelance and creative projects in documentary and experimental photography and cinematography.

Colleen Stiles

Colleen Stiles is best known for her figurative sculpture, expressed primarily in plaster and found objects. Other mediums used in her work include watercolor, acrylic, graphite and colored pencil. She received her BFA from Oklahoma State University in 1997 and serves on the board of the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition.

RC Morrison & Ren Barger

RC Morrison and Ren Barger work as a collaborative team. The series of photographs featured in “Three” were taken in Marfa, Texas. Situated in the high desert of far west Texas, Donald Judd turned a former Army base into a site for his and other’s large Minimalist sculptures. In late October 2021, RC and Ren found the site nearly empty and took full advantage of a policy of allowing photography on the grounds. The austere artwork proved to be the perfect backdrop for Ren. The juxtaposition of her natural form against the stoic, even cold work, enhanced both. 

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