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Tyler Griese, March 2022

I create figurative paintings and drawings as an interpretation of the moments of waiting for both mundane and dramatic catalytic moments of ordinary people. I express the human figure because I find honesty in everyday moments and how these moments connect to the psyche of the overall human condition. My compositions are formulated in order to confront, connect with and exist as a dialogue with the viewer; existing as an enigmatic study of moments of heightened consciousness and personal introspection. My application of paint, use of color, and light seek to add dialogue of both technique and materials. I use lighting and color to construct an allegory of a titanic human narrative of instability and vulnerability within the constructs of a two-dimensional surface. I cast a spotlight on singular struggles and tension as expressions of human experience. The examination of artists and movements throughout art history boosts and develops strategies to create artwork utilizing the connection between the viewer and the artwork in an attempt to create an empathetic view of the cornerstones of our collective human conflict and resiliency.

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