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Karen Rose 

Karen Rose is an Oklahoma native, Textile and Wearable Art designer. She creates for the those who are passionate about their individuality. Each design is as unique as the person who wears it. Using natural fibers such as silk, bamboo and cotton as canvas, Karen applies dyes using multiple surface design techniques. She favors the ancient Japanese art of Shibori. This labor-intensive process is a serendipitous technique that yields delight and surprise with each unfolding. Karen started designing at an early age, and with her creative mother’s direction, mastered the skills of garment construction. She studied Fashion Merchandising and enjoyed a long career in Fashion management. Since childhood she has designed for herself, family and friends. When beautiful fabric stores began to disappear, she was discouraged and turned her interest to Jewelry design. While studying Metalsmithing at the Cleveland Institute of Art, she learned about fiber arts and surface design. Amazed by the possibility of creating her own textiles, she signed up for a fiber arts course and learned the art of Serti, Shibori and other techniques. She continues to build skill by taking workshops with the masters. She has combined her textile art with her fashion designs to create Wearable Art. Karen’s designs include her original Shibori textiles and Fashions, new digital designs and soon home décor. Karen’s work has been shown at SPIN 2022(Silk Painters International), Spirit of the Earth, Sante Fe NM, Untitled Art Space 2018 -22, Lincoln Center Biennial Wearable Art Show 2017-2019 -Ft. Collins CO - Designer Choice Award winner 2019, TAC Gallery 2019, Fiber Works 2019, Leslie Powell Gallery - Vibrant Colors 2014, A Jeweler’s Art Gallery - PASEO. 

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