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Kajsa Sjodin

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I have since traveled far, to make this thing in my life. I always loved to draw and paint ever since I was a child, surrounded by my creative family.

 I have lived and studied in places like Boston, MA, studied  painting at the Art Students League of New York, NY, and later became a studio artist at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA and most recent Tulsa., where I was able to enter the art community through a one woman show at the TAC gallery.


From these and other places on earth I have gathered a multicultural awareness and what inspires me are simple things like nature, figures, faces, relationships, outer space and my children.


I work on paper and canvas, using my brushes and tools with acrylics, watercolors, graphite, inks and charcoal among other things.

I love to work on several pieces at once, going in between, to create new layers, movements and thoughts.


My images have been shown in a variety of places, countries and commercial advertising. My work has been collected by the Los Angeles Metro, after I was commissioned to create an art poster to represent the south bay port town of San Pedro, in the “Through the eyes of Artists”program.


My creative path gained momentum out of my Los Angeles art studio where I worked for over 10 years. 

I would watch dolphins at play in the Pacific Ocean down below my art studio, while hiking, looking for interesting imagery.

After moving to the Midwest I found my work to become more layered or dimensional, as if my respect and understanding for the diversity from all the different places I had been…

These days I create abstract and figurative drawings and paintings inspired by my past, present and even future experiences!

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