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On the Road with Matt Smith

Matt Smith
June 2 – 24, 2023
**SHOW EXTENDED through July. 1**
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About the Artist

Matt Smith’s late father ,Stephen, was a gifted artist in his youth. Stephen didn't get the chance to chase his artistic passions. Matt fulfills his father’s dreams with his first solo art show, “On the Road with Matt Smith,” opening Friday, June 2 from 6pm to 9 pm at the Tulsa Artists Coalition, 9 E. Reconciliation Way. 


“When I started painting for this show, I referenced through hundreds of photos from our family road trips. I had alot of great shots of sunsets, mountains and adventure. I focused on the way light would fall on objects and the shadows that the light made. These paintings flowed out and stirred up the energy of the artist of my youth,” Matt stated.


This youthful spirit brought back ideas that had been sketched out long ago. “I decided to do a set of huge canvases that explored the good vs evil motif. Gotta throw some classic cars and pop culture references in there for fun, right? These paintings were a blast to create and I found myself grinning alot as I worked.” The resulting paintings are an octane fueled, seat of your pants, action packed ride.  


Smith said his paintings have the feel of 1970’s car ads, so it’s not surprising that he leans on his commercial graphics and cartooning roots. He’s been painting from childhood and Tulsans might recognize him from gigs at Mayfest and other festivals. 

He gets in the mood to paint by listening to music. “When I get in a zone where time and space blur, it’s great creatively”. These paintings come from these sessions.


“This one is for you Pops!”


“On the Road with Matt Smith” will hang in the gallery at TAC through June 24.

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