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Origins...A Contemporary Spin on Prehistoric Art
Micheal Jones, Coming September 2022

Imagine a time long ago, when art was magic. Artists created paintings in caves, on cliff sides, on stones, wood, and soil, by working with natural elements or chipping into the surface. As they worked, they breathed their magic prayers to the gods, hoping to ensure a successful hunt, a bountiful harvest, or good health for their families.


Artists were magicians.


The collection presented here was influenced by paintings and pictographs, ranging from the caves in Lascaux, to the ancient indigenous peoples around the world. Animals are intentionally primitive, as if painted by torch light in hidden caves, overlapping like pages in the book of time. Hand prints and tiny hunters remind us of the vast struggle for subsistence, while rice paper collage enhances or obfuscates detail, helping to create a dreamlike vision. 

As in all of my paintings, there are subtle details to reward the viewer who studies closely.

Take time to imagine yourself in a time when art was magic.


Dream with me.


Micheal Jones

Micheal Jones.jpg
About the Artist


Micheal Jones is an Oklahoma native, and long time Tulsa resident. He graduated with a Master’s degree in 1978 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. After studying with artists like George Calvert, Jim Terrell, and Robert E Wood, Micheal has worked hard to created his own very personal and recognizable style. Micheal has exhibited in major shows across the United States, and has paintings in collections in Dubai, Yekaterinberg Russia, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia, to name a few, as well as hundreds of pieces across the United States. At the age of 70, he still maintains his personal studio and paints every day.

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