Origins...A Contemporary Spin on Prehistoric Art
Micheal Jones, Coming September 2022

Art is.

Creativity, regardless of the form, is a primal function of man’s intellect.

Ideally, instinctual manipulation of media should be the only force behind creation, much as the instinctive force behind birth, death and survival.

But we think. I think we think too hard.

We labor to make sense of the world and of all the schemes of living things and nature.

Art has fallen prey to man's need to “categorize” in order to make sense of the thoughts of others.

Work is categorized as realistic or abstract.

Nonsense. Such designations are absolutes.

No absolutes exist in art.

Even within this philosophy, I find that I love certain things about painting.

I love color. I love design.

I love texture.

I love spontaneity.

But I do not love categories.

I do not love absolutes.

Art is.

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About the Artist


Micheal Jones is an Oklahoma native, and long time Tulsa resident. He graduated with a Master’s degree in 1978 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. After studying with artists like George Calvert, Jim Terrell, and Robert E Wood, Micheal has worked hard to created his own very personal and recognizable style. Micheal has exhibited in major shows across the United States, and has paintings in collections in Dubai, Yekaterinberg Russia, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia, to name a few, as well as hundreds of pieces across the United States. At the age of 70, he still maintains his personal studio and paints every day.