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Kate Sheckarski, June 2022

Pressed is a botanical study of local weeds and wildflowers focusing on the biodiversity of native and introduced species. Growing up in Tulsa, my childhood was mainly spent outdoors exploring nature. Around the age of eight, I began to press plants I would find from our yard and over the years became very familiar with a variety of weeds. But in 2018, it occurred to me how little I really knew about the plants which I’d become so acquainted… So, I set out to meet the weeds! I explored overlooked areas along parking lots and frequently mowed roadsides. I collected old field guides from garage sales and used book stores. One at a time, I started to identify and learn about each plant that I’d encounter. In my research over the past four years I have learned how important native species are and the impacts of introduced species to our environment. I’ve also realized that we are responsible for deciding what we call a weed. The definition of a weed is ~ a plant not valued for use or beauty. Not valued. But who decides whether something is useful or beautiful? My pressed collection is an up close look at some of the weeds and wildflowers that have inspired me to take the time to recognize the value and beauty in the everyday. 

Dyed Butcher’s Twine
Twelve Months of Flowers, Plants and More
Plant Confetti
Faux (Leaf) Butterflies
Four Seasons