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Melinda Green Harvey and VC Torneden
April 7 – 29, 2023

The Virtual Gallery will be live on April 7.

The Other Side No 16_Harvey.jpg

Melinda Green Harvey

Melinda Green Harvey has been drawn to black and white photography for as long as she can remember. Her college degree required a photography course she liked a lot better than any of the other classes that pertained to her actual degree. She dabbled in taking pictures until the late 1990s, when she started a ten-year-long project shooting images of roadside crosses and other memorials. In 2009, she started a photography blog with the intent of posting a picture every day. As she became more serious about photography, she began taking classes and seminars to expand her skillset. She has since shown in various galleries around the country and is currently a member of the Texas Photographic Society’s board. In addition to The Other Side, she is currently continuing her ongoing documentation of the dying small towns in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle region. 

VC Torneden

VC Torneden is a visual artist who works in multiple mediums including photography. Her formal training in the arts began in early childhood and extended into study as a young adult at the University of New Orleans and Memphis College of Art. Since 1995, her work has been featured in various publications and exhibited in multiple galleries. Her background includes education and work experience in painting, illustration, advertising design, and both fine art photography and photojournalism. She creates and works in her home studio in rural Oklahoma. In addition to The Other Side, VC Torneden’s current photography projects include a landscape series of Oklahoma as well as a photo essay about her years spent living in Tulsa.

The Other Side No 18_VC_Torneden.jpg

The Other Side is a collaborative project being photographed by two artists, Melinda Green Harvey and VC Torneden.

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