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Songs of Art and Life: The Unfinished Vision of Ian Coward

September 29–30, 2023

Hours: Friday, September 29, from 6–9 pm and Saturday from noon–7 pm

Ian Coward

This is a retrospective show curated from Ian Coward’s body of work to showcase some of his most creative and inspirational work. A Tulsa artist who died in 2021 at the age of 38, Ian produced a wide variety of paintings, drawings, sculptures.


Ian Coward was born in Tennessee in 1983 and raised in Tulsa. He graduated from Edison High School and was selected to the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain during his senior year. He studied art at the University of Tulsa for three years, then transferred to the Kansas City Art Institute where he majored in ceramics. He graduated from KCAI with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008. Ian also studied ceramics and marble sculpture during a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Returning to Tulsa, Ian worked in several art-related businesses, including Brookside Pottery and Garden Deva. He sold his work in the Blue Dome Festival for several years and completed commissions for numerous private clients.

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