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Dora Rodgers

When I was 16 yrs. I painted my first picture. I started with Acrylics, eventually changing to oils. I concentrated on becoming an R.N., but painted in my spare time. These last 20 yers I have concentrated on my artwork. Attending workshops at times and I have matured in both age and talent. I have my own studio in a 10' x 20' shed with two lofts in my backyard. Now I work on two paintings at a time. Through the years close friends and relatives have paintings of mine. My best reward is when someone falls in love with one of my paintings. Hearing someone get excited, opening their eyes fully, while describing how the art touches them. I think most artists know this feeling that fills your heart with joy. I am not Bob Ross. I do not paint pictures in 30 minutes. My art has more detail than that. I'm not knocking Bob Ross. Lots of people do like his work. It's just that my artwork takes time. Some paintings take eight months to complete.

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