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Dean Wyatt

Artist Statement

Change and transition is something we all experience throughout our lives and is a recurring theme in my work.


I tend to use landscapes as a backdrop to explore these themes. Most of these works depict some type of transition, whether day to night or the moving away (or toward) something. The “holes” or voids that show up in many of the works may represent something missing, unfinished business, or something we try to block out or ignore. The “fences” depicted in many of the works suggest obstacles or division of our own creation or imposed upon us by others. Hard lines and texture add to the landscape feel, but also help to illustrate shifting perceptions, obstacles, and the hidden layers not easily observed.


Artist Bio

Dean Wyatt creates multi-layered abstract paintings that are rich in color and texture and inspired by the landscapes of his native southwest Oklahoma.


His work was selected for solo exhibitions at the Oklahoma State Capitol and the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and included in two OVAC Painting and Drawing Biennial exhibitions.


He is active in the Oklahoma arts community, currently serving as the board vice president of the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition and on the executive board of the Tulsa Arts District Business Association. He previously served on the board of directors of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and the Tulsa Ballet.

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