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Exploring the Sacred: a Skeptic’s Journey
Raymond Short, Coming October 2022

A Retrospective. As I look back on 35 years of work no one can be more surprised than I to see that the search for the spiritual is a constant theme. From early neo- transcendental landscapes and waterscapes to more recent paintings such as The Power and The Glory, I find myself again and again exploring the nature of the holy. This theme is most obvious in my sculptural assemblages of sacred geometric icons and free standing pieces like Black Warrior Goddess, but it is there even in simple landscapes like The Abandoned Wood Lot with it’s Frostlike distrust of absolutes be they divine or just colors.

About the Artist


Raymond Short has been a working painter/sculptor since 1990. He received his BA in  Art History from Johns Hopkins University, and his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Raymond has exhibited widely both in Washington DC and Tulsa with pieces at Living Arts, TAC and AHHA.

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