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Somewhere In Between

Sam Eden, July 2022

Sam Eden investigates the personal anxieties and discomfort surrounding the narrative of death, and specifically the transformation that follows. Eden works to reclaim that story of transformation and return it to the natural world through painting, drawing, and printmaking elements. “Somewhere In-Between” integrates the recognizable with fantasy to inspire a feeling of the uncanny,  heightened by an almost scientific ‘specimen-like’ display.

About the Artist

Spending the majority of her life in rural Oklahoma, Sam Eden often turned towards the natural world as a source of inspiration. Drawn towards the ground and the carcasses littered on its surface, Eden uses these memories and observations to create transformative environments in between life and death.

Currently a second year apprentice at Ritual Electric, Eden completed her MFA at the University of Tulsa in the Spring of 2020.  Over the last few years, Eden has expanded her practice and rendering of her microenvironments into multiple media and been included in several exhibitions in the Midwest.

Working initially in relief printmaking, her work now includes painting, drawing, as well as, installation elements to immerse the viewer into her world.

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