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Todd Horner

For eight years I have constructed images of the vanishing Tallgrass Prairie as a metaphor for Mother Natures' influence upon land and self. The vast skies, distant horizons, and extreme space provide a climate of self-awareness and understanding. My daily existence in this dimension on earth continues to motivate and define my artistic journey through life. Prairyerth is the first installment in what will be a life long pursuit to capture and promote the conservation of this unique ecosystem. My passion for photography is challenged through its’ great expanse of time and space. Through visual stimulation I intend to preserve and promote this unique corner of the earth.


Native Kansan Todd Horner was born and raised amidst the endangered tall grasses of the Flint Hills prairie. It was there in its humbling confines of vast skies and seas of grass that Todd’s interest in and now passion for photography was cultivated. Self-taught but technically influenced by an assortment of workshops and classes in high school and college, Todd’s artistic vision ensued. Todd embraces Black and White as a medium, “Color is a duplication of actuality, black and white is an interpretation of reality”. With the mood of the prairie literally changing with the wind, Todd has had to adopt a range of improvisational techniques to capture the moment. Todd now finds himself in the southern end of the Flint Hills in Oklahoma known as the Osage Hills.

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