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Terri Barber

I am a self taught artist who was born and raised in Tulsa. Growing up and seeing the artistic abilities of my father and brother, I had always aspired to become an artist myself. Throughout those years I explored various forms of art with my passion eventually landing in acrylic photorealism painting. Before having the confidence to enter my art into more public venues, I occasionally painted show prizes for an area Tulsa canine club. My love for painting animals led to doing commissioned pet portraits which continues still today. The majority of my art is done for the sole enjoyment of painting for myself however I have been commissioned for things such as small mural type art for businesses, pop culture icon art, and hosting a handful of themed shows in the Tulsa area. I am especially honored to have several paintings featured in The Outsiders House Museum as well as in The Outsiders House Museum Greaser Hideout Airbnb. 

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