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Sherri DeAguero

Artist Statement

My paintings reflect the diversity of life - vast landscapes, indigenous peoples, and animals that inhabit it.  When I see the natural world, I don’t see randomly generated life forms, I see Intelligent Design.  Intricate biodiversity and ecosystems are created by the hands of an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator.  I strive not to simply paint a scene, but to present a thought-provoking story, a broader context within which we live our lives.  My paintings explore the beauty of solitude, the ephemeral, the passing light, dusk and dawn.  I hope to evoke contemplation, compelling us to reflect on our role and purpose of being.


I work with pastels, oils, and acrylics. My techniques range from realism to vividly colored impressionism. Having lived in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado, I paint the scenery and inhabitants of these regions. I love to capture fleeting moments that often go unnoticed, such as a sunset. My most recent works are a symbolic series that incorporates subtle symbolism prompting the viewer to find the hidden spiritual message within. The symbols and clues are in the paintings, and the answers are found within history and ancient scripture.


My personal favorites are landscapes that convey solitude and serenity, taking me away from the chaos of this world and into a kinder place, a hope for a better day.


Painting is how I express my gratitude for life itself. Capturing beauty on canvas is my humble contribution to making the world a better place. With each brush stroke, I pray that the viewer will experience the peace and tranquility within the scene.


Artist Bio

Sherri is a self-taught painter, currently residing in Tulsa Oklahoma. She began painting professionally about ten years ago, after retiring from a career as an Aerospace Systems Engineer.  Having lived in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado, she made Tulsa her home in 2021.


Sherri’s works are in various private collections in Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and California.  Sherri strives to continue learning and growing as an artist by continually adding new works.


Sherri’s ongoing body of work is currently available at DEAGUERO.ART

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