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Exhibition statement: 


Through the paintings and sculptures, a story is told, one that many can relate to. So many times the hurting and innocent are abandoned. This exhibition is for them, it’s for us all. Being a survivor of multiple types of childhood abuse, I bring a collection of work forward that will show the viewers pain but also resilience. Large scale artwork with 3d elements will draw in the viewer’s attention. The depth and perceived perception built into the work will hold them there questioning and needing to look deeper.

A physical change in color is observed as you move along each piece in this series, to represent a life before and after abuse. I believe that at least one thing happens in everyone’s life that changes them. Good or bad this world has changed us all, therefore we are all survivors. Through this exhibition, I want to give support for those suffering the memories that have changed them. 


Artist Bio:


Andrea Martin- Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma Native American Abstract Mixed media artist, Inspired by life, dreams, nature, and spiritually. 

Painting since the age of 5, art has been the one constant joy in my life. Art wasn’t just a hobby, it was more than once my savior. Inspired by my highschool art teacher, I developed a love for abstract art. He once told me, “it’s okay to be weird.” I took that and ran. I started experimenting with different paint, media, and texture. I fell in love with the process of growing and seeing how different my art became. From 2004-2010 I ran my art all across the Midwest in festivals and showcased my work in galleries in multiple states thought the midwest US . Life shifted and I put down my paint brush to become a mother and build a career in the healthcare field. During this time I continued to paint for leisure and produced commissions for friends, but I was denying myself the appropriate time to partake in my greatest joy. Life shifted again and showed me back to my love and passion. Spring of 2018 arrived and so did my drive to dive down deep into my art again. I knew I could share something new and really say something with my work, what came out was a story that became the series that I titled the Hurricane Room. A new series shortly followed, named the UNlearning. The UNlearning series is a collection of experiments filled with new media and techniques. The UNlearning is completed and currently being exhibited. While creating that series a new collection spawned from one of the new techniques I discovered in the UNlearning. This new collection is based on a childhood experience that changed and molded me. Through these series I am telling my story, I am defined within the work. This new collection is titled The Changed. 

Andrea Martin, September 2021
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