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Katy Casillas-Gray

My ultimate goal as an artist is to weave a vibrant tapestry of positive emotions through my abstract and figurative creations. I achieve this by harnessing a kaleidoscope of colors along with a diverse blend of media while creating layers upon the canvas until the emotions within me are spilled out and transformed into a representation of what I experience in my inner world.  I carry the hope that my art, poetry, and classes inspire others to see beauty in their world, choose courage over fear, and treat themselves and others with love.


Painting and creating is my breath of life. My paintings vary from bold, bright and whimsical to reflective and subdued. My favorite subject matter is human individuality and form as well as the wondrous designs and color found in nature.  Although I have an educational background in Studio Art from OSU I believe that true creativity can not be learned in a classroom.  It comes through inspiration in our daily lives, experimentation with different mediums, and a supportive community of other artists.  

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