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Michael Palazzo, August 2021

This body of work explores the mysterious impact that art can have on collective emotion and memory. The theme of this collection has less to do with composition and more to do with honest, gestural expression. The method is concerned with dipping into the subconscious to pull up expressions of emotion that are not accessible during the conscious hours of our day. Each piece in this exhibit was created by trying to reach into my subconscious, to pull up all that I can and explore it. I do not want to paint the same thing every day. We don’t dream the same dream every night. This is what dipping into the subconscious means. Pulling out those awkward, foreign forms of expression that might be disjointed or uncomfortable is all I care about. These are the feelings we might overlook because they seem non-essential or too vague to linger on. It’s in those moments of vulnerability that we as artists and viewers can reciprocate

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