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Patricia L. Vestal: A Retrospective

August 30-31, 2024

Period Portrait.jpg
Patricia Lou Vestal: A Retrospective

Join us for a tribute to the life and artistry of Patricia “Pat” L. Vestal. Through her portraits of Tulsa’s cherished residents, Pat preserved a generation. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1933, Pat’s journey from the oil-rich plains to the vibrant life of New York City and beyond shaped her unique perspective and talent.


Immerse yourself in the legacy of this artist as the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition, in collaboration with Pat’s family and friends, presents “Patricia L. Vestal: A Retrospective.” From her formative years at Southern Methodist University to her adventures teaching painting in Ethiopia and India, Pat’s commitment to her craft endured.


Pat trained everywhere life took her, including Fort Mason Printmakers in San Francisco, Tenants Harbor Maine with Rhode Island School of Design painters, the Vermont Studio Colony with Wolf Khan and other notables, the Santa Fe Art Institute with Jennifer Bartlett, Boston’s BMFA, and many other places and connections in the art world, including Biot France, Vermont, and Montone Italy. After returning to Tulsa in the 80s, her work was included in exhibitions at many Tulsa galleries, including Stonehorse Gallery, 26 East Gallery, Living Arts, the Walker Art Center, the Tulsa Historical Society, All Souls Church; and happy years with the Whiteside Portrait Painters.


In Pat’s own words, “The pictures I paint are things I see, wherever I am. What is so engrossing about painting? It means total concentration. Capturing colors, planes, light and shadows. Especially light; it's color, the way it moves, how it transforms surfaces, and brings the scene to life.” Through her keen eye for detail and mastery of light and shadow, Pat brought her paintings to life. Join us as we honor her artistic vision and boundless generosity of spirit.


Don’t miss this opportunity to see Patricia L. Vestal’s legacy unfold. Join us in celebrating a life lived through art.

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