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Jordan Vienyard
August 2–24, 2024

Opening August 2, from 6–9 pm, featuring live music from John Beauchamp and Trish Davis.

The Virtual Gallery will be live on August 2.

Jordan Vienyeard.png

Jordan Vineyard

Chickasha, OK

Our lives are based on a concession of volts; the numerics of bars, power, and connection are our confidants and security. Mutilated by tiny cameras, filters, and split screens, my work calls popular ideas concerning post-humanistic futures a counterfeit. Instead of bodies adorning machinic qualities of strength and efficiency, they are becoming less posthuman and increasingly subhuman. CTRL + ALT + REPEAT is about reestablishing the virtue of the physical body. It is a call for algorithmic unfolding that demands return to a practice of presence. Consisting of kinetic sculptures, multi-media installations and video/performance, these pieces intentionally create physically instinctive gaps for viewers. From empty benches to installed reactionary sensors, machines appear to pathetically wait for humanity to return. I believe technology can be utilized to re-humanize by prompting an audience to begin asking not, “What is that thing doing?” but rather, “What am I doing that makes that thing do what it's doing?” This engagement is central to the work and acts as an alarum for societal reboot; where viewers are asked recognize the deep need for humanistic responsibility and presence within a technological culture. Logistically, CTRL + ALT+ REPEAT, will consist of large-scale kinetic works, extensive electronic pieces, and multi-media works. I’m particularly excited about TAC because of the industrial aesthetics and exposed vents. I very intentionally try to find spaces that have that quality because it dramatically emphasizes the mechanical nature of the work. My pieces have exposed electronics; wires are not hidden, microcontrollers are part of the works, and unabashed power supplies and sensors are integral to the work. I intend to self-install pieces and will need a 3-day time frame. I travel with a team of 4-5 assistants. Typically, we construct modular pieces on the first day, with a rollout of all electronic hook-ups on the second day. The last day is used for finishing and clean-up. My work is highly interactive and involves extensive use of sensors and reactive electronics.

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