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Take Advantage of TAC Art Photography Week

March 24 — 30, 2024


At TAC, we recognize the importance of empowering artists at every stage of their creative journey. The TAC Photography Week provides professional resources to showcase your artwork effectively.

This service is designed to meet a variety of needs, whether you’re building a portfolio, preparing for an exhibition, or enhancing your online presence. Through this service, you can ensure you have high-quality, professional photography of your artwork.


  • Cost: Payment will be collected at drop off.

    • 2D
      1-5 pieces — Members $8/each, Non-members $12/each
      Up to 10 pieces — Members $56 flat, Non-Members $90

    • 3D (3 angles per piece)
      1-5 pieces — Members $12/each, Non-members $18/each
      Up to 10 pieces — Members $84 flat, Non-members $120/each

  • Maximum of ten pieces per artist. The photographer will do his best to shoot all work received, but work will be shot in the order received on a first come first serve basis.

  • Time Allotment: Each sign-up grants approximately one hour of dedicated photography time for your artwork. 

  • Special Instructions: Please provide any specific instructions regarding the photography of your artwork on the registration form.

  • Delivery: Following the session, the photographer will edit and crop the photos. Image files will be delivered in JPG format to the artist via WeTransfer link by April 6th.

  • Location: TAC Gallery, 9 E Reconciliation Way

  • Drop-off & Pick-up: Artwork drop-off and pick-up MUST occur during designated times. 

    • Drop off: Sunday, March 24th from 1-5 pm

    • Pick up: Saturday, March 30th from 1-5 pm*

    • Artists will be required to sign a liability waiver at drop off.

By participating in the TAC Photo Studio, you’ll receive high-quality digital images of your artwork to elevate your portfolio, exhibition materials, or online presence.

Photographer: Mark Moore of Darkhorse Photography

Mark Moore has extensive experience photographing artwork.
Darkhorse Photography is a veteran owned company that takes pride in offering top quality professional photographic services. Whether it’s table-top products, location illustration portraits, food, branding, events or head shots, Darkhorse will deliver the imagery you expect and deserve.

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