Am I Angry, or is This a Beautiful Moment

Ace Stiles

August 5 – August 27, 2022


An icon in the Arts District for over 30 years, the Tulsa Artists’ Coalition is still serving a vital role within the Tulsa arts community; our independent gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art by artists at all stages in their careers. With our beautiful space front-facing Reconciliation Way, we’re truly in the heart of the Arts District. This vibrant, energetic community is teeming with creativity and life, and the gallery is the perfect place to see it reflected in our various exhibitions.

Support Local Artists:

Artwork is for sale during each exhibition. 70% of member art sales (65% of non-member sales) goes directly to the artist. If you see something you like, you can buy it online in our Virtual Gallery, or in in the TAC Gallery in the Tulsa Arts District. 

5x5 artwork is donated by the artist and sales help support the operating cost of the gallery.

What’s Next


Micheal Jones
A Contemporary Spin on Prehistoric Art
September 2 – Sept 24, 2022


Raymond Short

Exploring the Sacred:

a Skeptic’s Journey

October 7 – Oct 28, 2022

Scot Nobles

Sunday Morning Freak Show (Part Two)

November 4 – 26, 2022